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23 September 2013
I'm adding some image packs today, and possibly a new brush set. :D
By the by, I bought this domain on September 2, 2003.
It's now September 2013! ... It's been 10 years!

16 March 2013
The latest brush sets added (there's three). And there's also a new image pack - Floaty Textbubbles! Of course, I've been uploading these on dA earlier than I add brushes here... Sorry about that! Anyway, there's some other updates that you might wanna be aware of.

The oekaki has been replaced with a fresh installation of Wacintaki, but the old version is still available over here. The new one is at the link along the right for Oekaki.

I've also been working on two new comic projects. And I got a tumblr. Oh, and I removed the MangaBullet link, as it's no longer active. But Anipan and deviantArt certainly are. :)

18 October 2011
Again with the brush sets!
Happy 8th Birthday, Nagareboshi!
Oh, yes. For the time being, Kibou is on hiatus. Sorry about that.

17 September 2010
Yet another new brush set is available!
Also, happy 7th Birthday, Nagareboshi! :D