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22 September 2014
Well, there's an update, so of course I did something to the site. And that thing is add some more brushes.

10 September 2014
No Anniversary brush set, but a new one is up, nonetheless.

9 August 2014
More new brushes! I suppose I should start planning on making an anniversary set or something for Nagareboshi, seeing as it's coming up on 11 years since I first got the domain. :D

31 July 2014
New brushes. That is all.

2 July 2014
I've made a tutorial! Huzzah! Until I make a more suitable location, they will be under "Other Materials".

25 June 2014
A redone version of the Tone Stars and Tone Shapes brushes has been uploaded, called "Stars & Shapes Redux". It's one pack. The old packs will remain up.

11 June 2014
New brushes! And their corresponding image pack, for those of you using SAI. :D

1 June 2014
I've made some updates to the site again, which involved reorganizing the downloads section. I've now separated things out into different sections.
There is also a new image pack, using patterns and such which I've created over the past while for making brushes or other things.